What China 16M Bucket Truck’s Purposes & Characteristics
2015-11-06 08:31:08

Cheap China 16M Bucket Trucks is one kind equipment which can be operated in multi-pointed places and whose capacity is large, which welcomed by Kenya clients. It can be used by two or more workers to operate. Its lifting platform is mobility and convenient to transfer. The truck has good appearance and is suitable for indoor and outdoor’s storage.

It also suits for stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, plant mines and other operations’ work. Moreover, it is convenient to mobile and folding arm structure is compact. truck supplier uses new high-quality steel with high strength and light weight to direct access. DC power to start using their erection fast, can be elevated to the table extends horizontally, but also rotation, easy to reach across obstacles working position is ideal for aerial equipment of 18M Aerial Lift Trucks Suppliers. Its rotation in the bucket seat and has operated device remote control engine start and stop, high and low speed, the use of electro-hydraulic proportional valve control arm movements, good stability, working arm left and right 360 ° continuous rotation, by linkage automatically maintain the level of job slots

Best 14M Articulated Work Platforms operations steerable emergency pump fell, with night lighting, can be lifting weights when the main pump fails. The products are widely used in electricity, street lighting, municipal, landscape, communications, airports, and manufacturing.

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