Solution for Pump Sucking System of ISUZU 5CBM Vacuum Truck
2015-08-17 08:28:18

How to solve pump troubles of ISUZU 5CBM Vacuum Trucks? It is one topic what end-users care about. As one special truck manufacturer, our solution procedure shown as following for operators’ reference:

ONE: system with low vacuum

1: system with low vacuum causes: over filling of truck which would suck sewage into vacuum pump, oil-gas separator and some pipes. If so, all sucking system would be polluted and which would became low vacuum even no vacuum, more badly, vacuum pump would be damaged.

System with low vacuum solutions:

(1) Totally clean suction piping system (including four-way valve, gas-water separator)

(2) Totally clean oil-gas separator, oil suction pipe, and oil return pipe

(3) Change the contaminated oil and replace new clean oil

(4) Remove carefully pollutions in vacuum pump on China 5CBM Sewer Trucks.

2: relief valve should been cleaned often to prevent garbage stuck it and cause it can not work.

SECOND: refueling note

1: vacuum pump should work 2-3mins before secondary separator refueled. Firstly, discharge oil from vacuum pump to secondary separator, then observe whether oil level is reach to scale line or not, if not, then refuel oil and observe it. Refuel too much in one time is not allowed cause which will result injector phenomenon.

2: When outdoor temperature is below 0°, using antifreeze oil; when is 0-10°, using 32# oil, when is above 10°, using enclosed gear oil.

THIRD: exhaust port of system injects oil

1: exhaust port of system injects oil cause: if refuel too much Best 5CBM ISUZU Vac Trucks in one time which will result injection. Injection would disappear after system used for a while. Please refuel not too much in one time.

2: Injection would be caused if vacuum pump’s rotating speed is too high. Please operate vacuum pump according to pump’s rated speed. Hope clients will know pump solution way of ASL 6wheels 5CBM Vacuum Trucks.

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