Shall We Still Pay for Tow Trucks Which Was Not Work
2017-04-05 09:07:36
In last weekend, Mr Chow drove his car for heading to his mom-in-law home. When he drove in one channel, suddenly, his car met trouble and can not drive more. After tired to repair it but did not work, Mr Chow called the Best China Tow Truck Companies to hope to get help.

After 30mins, that truck company’s two workers drove one pick up came out. When they checked the car’s chassis, engine and tires, they told to Mr Chow that his car should be towed away to car repair shop to maintenance. Mr Chow has to agree. But suddenly, he finds his car get back to work normally. He is so happy and tells to two workers no need Eritrea Wrecker Truck Suppliers to tow away. These workers agree but still ask Mr Chow pays $145. Mr Chow doubted that he does not use truck and why he still shall pay for towing cost? About this issue, reporter checked transportation rules and feedback to him.

“During in rules, there written that even though Flat Bed Tow Truck For Sale does not be used after some one called to service, the truck company still have right to receive 50% cost because their truck driven for a while.” After saw this file, Mr Chow paid $145 to truck company.

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