Self Propelled Aerial Work Platform Pulled Pole Down
2015-05-29 08:59:44

At yesterday, Little Qiu, one student in Lieshan shool, who were head to home, but suddenly, one pole laid down in front of him. Finally, he saw one 16m RHD Aerial Work Platform Trucks parked at front of pole. Why polo pulled down?

One passenger saw this accident and called police, after five minutes, three police came to site and asked this accident’s reason. “I am so sorry”, Mr Liu, the truck’s driver pologized, “I am driving the truck head to Guangshui city, because I am rush on time so drive truck over 80km/h, I do not note there have a more than 10m height of pole. So after my Best Telescopic Boom Aerial Working Platforms passed by it, it was pulled down by my truck’s crane.” One police punished him cash as punishment, “to punish you not only because you drive overspend, but you almost hurt one little student!”

After the driver back to his company, he still will be punished by his Advanced Isuzu Truck Mounted Work Platforms because he did not obey company’s rule.

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