Sanitation Workers Use 3CBM ISUZU Street Sweepers
2015-03-18 14:03:35

Recently, in each early morning, sanitation workers have started to clean roads when 3CBM ISUZU Street Sweepers has not start to work. But, early morning has become a “black period” to sanitation workers because more than ten workers hit by car in that period.

Why early morning is so dangerous to sanitation workers? “because our funds problems, our government did not purchase enough sweepers instead of employing some sanitation workers,” Mr Peng Zhang, the environmental & health management branch leader states,” Those workers hit during in 4:00~7:00 AM usually, especially in morning of winter, sanitation workers clean street in dark while China 3CBM ISUZU Road Sweepers is off duty. The workers are facing dangerous. Because at that time, passers are few and drivers drive cars very fast, and sanitation workers feel tired; moreover, workers have to clean roads often when refuse trucks can not work at any time. There only one reflective vest dressed on workers, so they are not so safe when clean roads.

How about all roads cleaning work done by vehicle instead of by sanitation workers? The answer is no. Because many drivers are used to throwing garbage at will, so only workers can clean road in any time but not China Dongfeng 3CBM Street Sweepers. Now we hope drivers will not through garbage and drive car slowly to protect sanitation workers.

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