One Guy Hurt Sanitation Worker As Noise From Water Jetting Trucks
2016-08-08 08:13:57

One sanitation worker who operated Cheap China 8000Litres Water Jetting Trucks to South Sudan was hurt by one stranger in this morning. The reason is just because the stranger can not afford the big noise from truck. Is that ridiculous?

Mr Xian, who is the truck driver, is in charging of Suishan area’s cleaning work. In this morning, when Mr Xinan is preparing to delivery truck to his co-worker, he finds there have no water inside of truck. So he has to drive truck to one place which near Lantian area to get water. Suddenly, one guy runs out and crashes the 5000Litres High Pressure Jetting Trucks For Sale glass with one iron bumper. And the guy shouted: “who delivery you to get water? You do not have right to get water here!” Mr Xian explained, “It actually is ordered by Water Company.” But the guy does not hear his words and hurt Mr xian.

After 20mins, police comes here and know all details about this issue, police asked the guy to apologize to Mr Xian and make compensation for his hurt. Moreover, they guy shall pay all repair cost for this truck which will be sent back to Best China 6Wheelers Water Jetting Truck Manufacturers. The guy accepts all punishment and promises will not do again.

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