One Cute Dog Saved by Heavy Duty Dongfeng Tow Truck Driver
2015-08-20 00:29:05

At 8:00 clock PM, there have one traffic accident happened in Handong road, one unit RHD 10T Crane Wrecker Trucks parked at side of road who wanted to check what was going on. After checked that accident, when he turned back to truck, suddenly, one little dog ran into the cover of a private car’s engine. The car owner asked for help to police to assistant rescuing the dog.

One police leader thought a rescue way. He asked the Advanced Dongfeng Heavy Duty Wreckers driver to start truck engine and tow the car to make it lifted, and then one police lay down under of car to search the dog. That little dog was scared a lot and could not move. So it was easy to catch the cute dog. After it was rescued, one animal doctor checked it and no found any injury. All police and passengers smiled.

We inform the Diesel Dongfeng Truck Towing Platforms driver and cars owners shall check vehicle before starting.

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