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Best 5CBM ISUZU Vacuum Trucks have following advantages:
1.there has sufficient vacuum degree of vacuum tank;
2: Secondary protection on vacuum pump setted to avoid pump got pollution
3. Vacuum pump driven by manual operation, which is easy to clutch;
4:Hydraulic pump and vacuum pump acted synchronizedly which is reliable;
5:Excellent appearance,easy to operation, and advanced performance.

Vacuum Trucks consist of Chassis, PTO, shaft, vacuum pump, pressure tank, hydraulic parts, pipe network system, vacuum guage, and other components. High quality vacuum pump and hydraulic systems equipped on truck. The vacuum tank seal pressed at one time and which can open from rear tailgate and dumping. Its function has high vacuum degree, large tonnage capacity, high efficiency,ect, which can be used at wider fields, such as urban, water collection well, manholes,ect. Sewage inner tank can be shipped and exhaust discharged directly. New ISUZU 5000Litres Sewer Trucks can be used in many field,such as sanitaiton, municipal, argicultural, chemical, and industrial enterprises.

Trucks are welcomed by clients because of it has following reasons:
1: Reliable quality
The truck is produced by our factory which follow ISO standard strictly and got ISO certification; each production process listed and material using in specification we follow strictly; All trucks’ assemble parts are produced in our workshops and we never place assemble parts order to small and private workshops; All chassis we used are from original ISUZU Chassis Company; SGS tested the truck before delivery to client’s destination port.

2: Advanced function of High Quality 5000Litres Vac Trucks
Notice of purchase of trucks
1: Note that the quality of plates
2: Vacuum tightness
3: Poor material likely to cause deformation of the tank and other issues
4:Domestic Weilong pump has reliable bearing
5: Tailgate will be chosen according to environment, temperature and other options

3: Noting of operation
A: Do not suck impurities such as more than 50mm stone, cotton yarn and leaves which will clog the straw
B: Keep straw clear often
C: When reading on vacuum gauge reach to 65-80 Kpa, extend sewage suction valve completely because it will damage heart valves when vacuum gauge in semi-open state
D: Straw shall be moved often when sludge sucked. While sucking high viscosity sludge, air and water shall be inhaled occasionally this can improve efficiency of ISUZU 700P 5CBM Sewer Trucks.

4: Noting of discharge
A: appropriate pump revolution shall be maintain because if pump speed is too high, then the heat intensified will rotor, otherwise, the engine will knock which cause additional impact to parts to influence life. So adjust the throttle to suitable place which will keep vacuum pump use much longer.
B: It is prohibited that truck lift and dump at tilt road. Because it will cause truck whole weight to tilt to one place to produces distortion components. It can cause accidents. Turn the tank on New ISUZU 700P Vacuum Trucks on even ground.
3: Noting of turning sewer tank
A: Rear door of sewer tank shall be open before turn tank. Do not turn tank with rear door closed because there has risk of rollovers when truck gravity moved rear point.
B: Engine idling and fully press clutch down when separate oil pump PTO and vacuum pump PTO.
C: Joystick of PTO shall be in middle position when truck drives.
D: Do not use the truck to suck and transport oil and hazardous materials.
E: Support rods and safety stoppers shall be used when the sludge tank of rose to repair.
F: Clamping device on rear door of China ISUZU 6wheels Vac Trucks shall be locked tightly when transport. The truck shall drive at slow or medium speed because there has not anti wave plate inside tank. It also cannot turn sharply and brake heavily.

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