New China FAW 10Wheelers Dump Truck Features
2017-04-01 08:32:17

China FAW Dump Truck Manufacturers updated new features for suitable large overseas market. Especially it is popular in South America and Africa markets. Following we will introduce why it is welcome in those countries because of high quality truck.

This truck adopted “FEPU+SCR” technology. Its single pump’s maintenance is easier and suitable for any kind of oil. For any part failed, then oil sprayer or oil pump can be replaced separately. Moreover, water tank of China 10Wheelers Tipper Suppliers also changed. Its ground clearance increased 160mm. U-type bolt changed from two units to four units which increased strength. Screw nuts changed from two units to eight units to keep its forever feature. It is designed by ASL in this year. Frame changed from double to three levels which can ensure its steady in driving.

For news from Cheap China Dump Trucks For Sale, we know that 30% clients had chosen this new type truck to use in their construction areas. Moreover, in future, we will provide more for clients.

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