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New 5Tons Truck Mounted Articulating Crane main structure and system description
1: Boom and telescopic mechanism
Boom segments from five plate composed of hexagonal structure. Two, three, four, five-section telescopic boom driven organization, you can slide in a basic arm. Single-stage telescopic mechanism by four double-acting cylinder and its supporting components. Valves mounted on telescopic cylinders, which ensures smooth telescopic boom telescoping and retraction due to external forces and prevent accidents in case of an accident when the hose rupture.
2: Luffing mechanism
Luffing mechanism driven by luffing cylinder, used to adjust the arm elevation, and boom with telescopic mechanism, the magnitude of change in work.
Valves on the luffing cylinder fitted to ensure smooth movement amplitude, velocity amplitude motion control, to prevent accidents in the event of an accident ruptured hydraulic hoses.
First luffing mechanism driven by the first luffing cylinder, used to adjust the angle of the inner arm; second luffing mechanism driven by a second luffing cylinder, used to adjust the angle of the outer arm relative to the inner arm.
3: slewing bearings and slewing mechanism
Rotary support is the inner, outer and middle circle grinding steel balls clamp components. In the fixed leg of the fixed inner and outer rings with a fixed crane turntable. Push the outer ring is rotated by the rotary mechanism.
Slewing mechanism by hydraulic motors and rotary gear composition, can promote continuous turntable rotation.
4: China 6Wheels 5T Cargo Cranes control mechanism
The operating mechanism is mainly composed on off control valve and joystick mounted on both sides of the frame components. On the handle mounting bracket has action and movement directions of the hydraulic actuator instruction signs, the operator should follow the instructions of the signs of the corresponding location.
5: Outrigger
Leg portion including the former case and fixed legs legs before the event and after the event after a fixed box and legs. Activities by the horizontal leg legs, vertical leg cylinders and vertical legs flip bodies, truck mounted crane when traveling, vertical leg 180 ° flip and active contraction of the fixed leg legs box. When the lifting operation, now rotary valve handle to pull the legs of the horizontal leg of the icon, then pulled off the active valve control handle legs stretched out; and then pull the handle to the vertical rotary valve leg icon Department again pulled off valve joystick vertical legs flip 180 °; vertical leg and then pulled the joystick left and right, respectively, to adjust the amount of vertical legs protruding cylinder, so that the level of the legs.
6: PTO
PTO device consists of power take off, connecting shaft, gear pumps and other components, the engine power through the clutch, gearbox passed PTO, PTO shaft by connecting power to the pump. Hydraulic oil pump output to drive each hydraulic actuator.
PTO engagement and separated by a cab driver's seat in the lower left of the manual valve to control; when you need lifting operation, start the engine, the clutch pedal is depressed, then turn the manual valve position to take power, then slowly release the clutch pedal, then the PTO engaged state, pump work. After the lifting operation, depress the clutch pedal, turn the manual valve to the disengaged position, even if the pump power take-off status. PTO working pressure for 0.5-0.6Mpa, PTO device is only allowed when the lifting operation must be disengaged when driving.
Note: After taking power the engine speed should not exceed 1000rpm!

Light China 5Tons Boom Trucks operation note
1: Check before a lifting operation
. a Check hydraulic oil level inside the tank, hydraulic oil level should be between the highest and lowest position of the target oil tank location;
. b Before you start taking power plant, should ensure that each combination valve lever are in the position;
2: lifting operations during the General Considerations
. a lifting operations must be carried out within the scope of the rated lifting;
. b operation should concentrate, to observe the surrounding circumstances, to avoid accidents;
. c attention to see hydraulic oil temperature, when the temperature exceeds 80ºC, should stop lifting operations;
. d when the wind speed exceeds 13.8m / s (six wind), shall not carry out lifting operations;
. e When lifting heavy objects, and then adjust the leg is prohibited when the need to adjust the legs, the weight should be put down, and retract the boom to the exercise of the state;
. f hanging heavy, non-simultaneous operation of two bodies;
. g allowed to be buried in the ground, lifting heavy objects or freeze on the ground, are not allowed stayed weight;
. h before the job Crane handbrake will brake application;
. i lower the boom before the job is forbidden to stand;
j. tire inflation pressure should be consistent with the provisions of the front wheels for 441Kpa, the rear wheels for 617Kpa.
3: Determine the rated load
. a boom length and estimate the magnitude of the work;
. b readout rated lifting load from lifting the performance curves according to the arm length and amplitude;
If the arm length and the amplitude does not conform to the operating position in Fig. 7 a given value, in this case from both sides of the weight values should be smaller, or a weighted average calculation. When in a semi-retractable telescopic state, determined by the weighted average method lifting quality.
. c parameter lifting performance table applies only to allow the lifting operation Zone A (see Figure 5), proportionately reduced from the weight of other jobs in the area of job;
d. On both sides of the frame has a different set of lifting operation lever, the order and function exactly the same on both sides of the joystick.
4: RHD China 5T Lorry Mounted Cranes telescopic legs and store
First rotary selector valve box on legs fixed to the horizontal leg grip position, and then pulled off control valve corresponding outrigger beam extends handle make proper position (middle position or maximum position), rotary selector valve handle to the vertical leg position, then pulled off the corresponding control valve handle in the vertical leg 180 ° flip down perpendicular to the ground. Then pulled off alternately operated valve left and right vertical lever leg cylinder respectively, the vertical leg cylinder piston rod, the car rose to its front wheels and the frame just not force level, that is, crane working condition.
When the store legs above the opposite program operation.
5: Outrigger Handling Precautions
. a truck mounted crane shall be supported on a hard, flat surface, can be a solid mat pad (such as wood, iron, etc.) at the foot plate when necessary;
. b After Crane support a good leveling, completely relaxed before the axle leaf spring prevail;
c. When Crane travel must be active legs back, and with the positioning pin lock.
d. Do unsupported legs for lifting operations, the job of each leg of the pin must sell well.
6: Lifting Operation
Lifting operations must be checked in advance and after the completion of the preparatory work before proceeding.
7: Luffing operation should pay attention to s
Not sharp horn pulled the lever;
May not operate with a luffing crane or drag heavy objects off the ground yet, be sure to vertical lifting, weight shall not be stayed.

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