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New 2CBM ISUZU Vacuum Trucks are welcomed by clients because of it has following reasons:

1: Reliable quality
The truck is produced by our factory which follow ISO standard strictly and got ISO certification; each production process listed and material using in specification we follow strictly; All trucks’ assemble parts are produced in our workshops and we never place assemble parts order to small and private workshops; All chassis we used are from original ISUZU Chassis Company; SGS tested the Best 6wheels Vacuum Trucks before delivery to client’s destination port.
2: Advanced function
A: ASL truck has sufficient vacuum to suck depth deeper than 7mtr
B: Secondary protection installed on vacuum pump to forbidden sewage flow into pump
C: Vacuum pump driven by manual operation which is easy for clutch
D: Hydraulic pump and vacuum pump can synchronized which is reliable for 6wheels ISUZU Vacuum Trucks
E: Adopting hydraulic tank to turn tank and dumping sewage
F: ASL truck designed excellent appearance and with good performance
3: Operation
1) Preparation before operation
A: Shut rear door tightly
B: Observe lubricating oil of oil separator is enough or not
2) Procedure of operation
A: Depress clutch pedal and push PTO controller to make Cheap Japan 2CBM Vacuum Trucks running and then release clutch pedal slowly
B: Turn on the alarm switch in cabin
C: Observe tachometer if it is 500-600 rev/min after pulled hand throttle lever to the maximum position
D: Check air exhaust pipe and vacuum pump has different sounds or not and vacuum gauge is normal or not
E: Put sewage hose into the sewage and shall consider the suitable parking position of truck
3) Discharge of sewage
A: Open drain valve and discharge sewage after sewage and mud separated.
B: Discharge sewage through pressure whose operation way is as follows:
Convert four way valve lever in neutral position and place drain valve in on position.
Convert four way valve lever in discharge position and then vacuum pump continues to work and then compressed air inner tank will discharge sewage faster.
Open ball valve when discharge sewage by pressure and then pull four way valve into discharge position which can avoid accident because of high pressure inner tank on Top 2CBM ISUZU Vac Trucks
4) Discharge of sludge
A: Press clutch and pull pneumatic toggle valve to on position or pull controller of PTO to run oil pump
B: Open ball valves on sewer tank and discharge sewage and lower pressure inner tank to connect atmosphere
C: Loosen lock device of sewer tank and tighten let go completely and unplug screw
D: Controller of switch is at on place and confirm pressure inner tank on 2CBM ISUZU Sewer Trucks is higher than atmosphere before open sewage tank or it will damage hydraulic cylinders and sealing cycles

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