Isuzu Water Tank fire fighting trucks Failed Work Cause Lock on Ground
2015-08-20 00:24:49

In last month, one passenger in Peru called police that he found there got fire in one building near Zhongnai road. After hear that, 12 firemen drove two units Isuzu Water Tank fire fighting trucks head to there but finally, they can not fire fight cause some locks on ground blocked their way into street on which there have fire building.


Consider this serious situation, government planed to move those locks away. After those locks moved away, there have much more locks added in next days. It is too much headache. Reporter asked some owners in this building’s opines to this matter. “ It is danger? We never notice that.” Mr Xian, one of owners surprised. “We saw some trucks over there, I thought they are Water Tank and Foam Tank fire trucks!” Another owner goes on.


We think the government shall make punishment for those locks setter. It is dangers. And we shall ask some 6wheels Powder Tank Fire Trucks to teach that owner about safe rules. For those illegal locks, we will find tow truck to tow them away. 

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