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ISUZU 5CBM Garbage Compactor Trucks Advantages

1: Assemble part consists of airproof tank, prime device, pushing shovel, fluid drive system and electric-control system

2: Garbage is poured into the prime jaws and then compressed into the tank after crashing, and so the capacity is larger than the regular ones

3: The process makes sure the environment is not polluted, and labor’s intensity is reduced

4: Vehicle with high autoimmunization level adopts Germany SIMENS PLC controlling system, bearing function such as garbage-compressing, collecting and transport, which achieve top level in China

5: Arc-shaped compressor compartment design adopted USA No leakage sealing technology Multi-direction shift valve matched with high pressure tubes are from Italy

6: Tie-in of high pressure tubes brand which installed on China Best 5CBM Compactor Garbage Trucks is Eaton, U.S

7: Power-assembling multi-direction control valves are from Taiwan

8: Electric appliance operation box equipped with components from SIMENS, Germany Operation button of prime jaws are made in Italy

9: Explosion-proof valve equipped on hydraulic lift cylinder to keep safety

10: Two operation types: automatic and manual; operation box equipped in cabin and rear of truck Garbage bin lift device has different type which can suit different garbage bin

12: Painting: sand blasted pre-treatment, complete with 1 coat and 2 packs anti-rust, 1 base coat and 1 finishing coats, colors according to clients’ requirement.


Main parts structure and functions on China 5CBM Compressed Garbage Trucks

1: Compressor bin: material is strengthen beam and high-strength manganese, while its side panel’s technology is one take molding process; used for storage garbage, and in which equipped with shoveling assembly

2: Hydraulic system assembly: included storage tank, oil pump, oil filter, multi-way valve, oil pipes and oil cylinders

3: Shoveling assembly: material is rectangular pipe skeleton and high-strength manganese; included shoveling cylinder, shoveling; used for pushing garbage out of compressor bin when truck discharging

4: Hopper assembly: included lift hydraulic cylinders and hopper, and under hopper, there equipped with one waste water tanker to prevent dirty water leakage; used for as rear cover of compressor bin on 6wheels ISUZU Refuse Trucks and storage garbage temporarily

5: Skateboard assembly: mounted on top of hopper; used for up and down movement

6: Scraper assembly: equipped on skateboard assembly which can open and scrap; used for scrap garbage in hopper and delivery garbage into compressor bin through skateboard lifted

7: Hanging garbage bin barrel assembly: used for delivering garbage in ground garbage bin into hopper through hanging barrel flip bracket

8: Operating system and electrical control system


6wheels 5CBM Garbage Trucks Notice

1:  Please operate the vehicle as the vehicle chassis instruction and this instruction strictly.

2: Operator must stand at proper place in loading and discharge process in order to avoid injury.

3:  Keep safe before you mending the vehicle, don’t mend the flex mechanism was in lifting state.

4:  Don’t loading tectonic rubbish in compression refuse collector in order to avoid to damage parts.

5: When the vehicle is working, put the shift on the neutral. The vehicle turn lower, step down the treadle of the clutch, close PTO switch, release the treadle of the clutch, then the vehicle through PTO and transmission shaft drive oil pump to work.

6: Press down the button 1, the flex board extend, release the button when finished it.

7: Put the dustbin on the pothook of the loading mechanism.

8: Press down the button2, flex board return, release the button when finished it.

9: Press down the button4 on China 5CBM Refuse Collection Trucksbinder plate makes the dustbin rise and overturn, pour the rubbish into hopper. Release the button when finished it.

10: Press down the button5, assistant binder plate turn to compress, release it when finished. Press down the button6, assistant binder plate return. Release it when finished.

11: The dustbin back to the grand, takes away the empty dustbin, and prepares for put other dustbin.

12: Finished loading work, before drive the vehicle, step down clutch step, cloth PTO switch, make the oil pump stop working.

13: Push the handle of reversing valve to front, the hopper rise, and then put the handle in middle position.

14: Push the handle of oil cylinder to front, push plate discharging, pull the handle to rear when finished discharging, oil cylinder and push plate return, then put the handle in middle position.

15: Put the handle to rear, hopper down, put the handle in middle position when finished it.


Sinotruk HOWO Garbage Trucks Maintenance

1: Maintain and mend chassis as the instruction of chassis.

2: Maintain PTO, oil change and maintain shift must at the same time.

3: Check the liquid compression system frequently finds out if it is leaking.

4: Check the link part of the vehicle frequently, makes sure them are safe.

5: Check every turn part, inject grease, keeping lubricate.


China Best 8CBM Garbage Trucks Quality assurance

If user observe special product’s transportation rule and operation rule and the period is not over half a year and there actual is some damage arise from manufacture quality, we will offer free mending and change the broken parts.

Incidental documents

1: Certificate of Approval (Compression refuse collector)

2: Instruction of compression refuse collector

3: Certificate of Approval (chassis)

4: Instruction of chassis

5: attached tools

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