How to Maintain China Best Fire Fighting Trucks
2015-05-21 09:01:40
1: Hot Dongfeng 6wheels Pumper Fire Trucks should be charged often when it is not in work.
2: Truck should be checked that if there have oil leakage or not. If having, then all screws and seals should be checked carefully. If they are broken, users shall ask truck supplier to provide new screws and seals for changing.
3: Vehicle’s pressure should be in safe driving. After some hours or days, operator check pressure gauge to view if China Dongfeng 5cbm Fire Pumpers are in safe pressure. If not, there must have air leakage on pipes or pump, and then checking pumps springs and seals.
4: To keep four wheels’ air pressure are enough and all are equal. Most truck factory to produce trucks’ rear tires load more. Rear wheels pressure is from 7Pa-8Pa and front wheels pressure is from 5Pa-6Pa.
5: Ensure all oil, water, electricity and gas are full. Oil would be divided into two kinds: one is vehicle fuel, and another one is gear and hydraulic oil. All on New Type 4CBM Fire Engines should check very carefully. If lack, all should be fill full soonest.

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