How to Cool Isuzu 5000liters Water Jetting Truck
2015-08-20 00:36:52

Water tank equipped on Isuzu 5000liters Water Jetting Trucks plays an very important role in Uruguay. In continuous hot weather, it will have some problems, such as low water level, tank corrosion, and leakage, ect. If those trouble happen, it will cause engine can not cool itself and keep high temperature which will damage engine badly. Following procedure is shown how to cool garbage truck when water tank does not work.

Step one: Park truck immediately and do not turn it off at once. Operator shall keep engine idling continue to maintain cooling and improve cooling speed while opening the engine’s hood.

Step two: Check under 8000litres High Pressure Jetting Trucks if there have leakage or not after awaiting for a while.

Step three: Turn off engine after awaiting water temperature pointer drops to optimum position.

Step four: Using wet towel to cover the radiator whole cap and open the first switch slowly. After that, operator shall check water in water tank and fan belt. If found the water tank and fan belt gets damage, operator shall call tow truck company to wrecker or drive truck in low speed to near 4S.

In this procedure, following three items should be paid high attention:
1: Do not try to continue driving truck to avoid large machine damage accident happen.
2: Do not try to open the radiator cap.
3: Do not cool engine on JAC 3000litres Sewer Cleaning Trucks with cold water which will cause engine cylinder burst quench.

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