How to Choose Folded Boom lorry mounted crane
2015-08-20 00:39:45

Nowadays, some cargo truck Surinam drivers complain that Folded Boom lorry mounted crane drivers gain more benefits than them so they also want to buy this kind of truck. But drivers how to choose suitable truck? Our advice shown as following:

Crane is the most important part for the truck.


There have many different cranes on market and each one of them has its benefits and failures. So if in your local market, please choose the best seller in your market; if there have not good crane in your market, please choose popular crane on High Performance 6wheels truck crane. For reels, there have two types. One is hydraulic reel, and another is gear self-locking reel. The front one is expensive than the rear one. Because the rear one’s cost and maintenance are low. Rotating reducer is equipped with domestic hydraulic motor or Italy motor. All operation valves are imported from G7 countries.


Last, good sales will help you a lot. They will consult you to buy the suitable LHD Truck Boom Mounted Cranes instead of just caring their benefit.

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