How Long Will That 8T Hooklift Garbage Trucks Be Tow away
2015-09-06 10:48:06

Reporter known from some citizen in Yushan area that there have one HOWO 6wheels Hook Loaders which had been parked in Yushan school for near one year. Where it came from?

After three days inspection, reporter got answers. The truck whose number is XC32145 which belongs to one Isuzu 5T Garbage Container Loaders. That truck was used for tow garbage from Yushan area in half of year. But after, that company purchased one brand new garbage compactor truck which can compress garbage and transport more to garbage station, so that old truck did not use any more. But why it shown in Yushan school?

Finally, we know that since it will need much money to deal with old Dongfeng 10wheels Arm Roll Trucks, but that company did not want to pay this. So their manager asked one driver to drive the truck in nearly school. Many teachers and students hop it would be tow away soonest.

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