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China FOTON 10wheels Oil Tankers Main structure and operational principle

1: Refueling truck is made of chassis tank, oil pump, and ductwork and drive system.

2: Oil transportation truck does not have pump system itself. Self –flow comes into being because of pressure difference of fuel inside of tank .so its usage is circumscribed.

3: Besides device installed on oil transportation truck, refueling truck has oil pump system. Thus, oil in storage can be absorbed into tank, then transported and filled up into other devices. Refueling truck can finish the pump and delivery work conveniently through oil pump. So it can be widely used.

4: Shape of section is elliptical or round-square. The material is steel or aluminum alloy with good quality.

5: The inside structure of tank is multi-compartment. Each compartment is separated by baffle plate. Baffle plate and tank is connected through welding.

6: There is manhole on the top of tank. Manhole is convenient for workers to get into the tank to carry out maintenance. Also it can be used as a hole to fill in fuel. The manhole cover and manhole are sealed with rubber seal ring and joint with bolt.

7: Install breath valve on the cover of manhole. Breath valve can adjust the pressure inside of tank according to the air pressure inside of tank on Dongfeng 5000Liters 6wheels Fuel Tankers, and keep the balance with air pressure outside. The function of breath valve is to reduce the fuel transpiration inside of tank and avoid distortion caused by increased pressure.

8: work situation of breath valve: to make sure that pressure of the tank are in accordance with the air pressure, breathing valve was installed in the front of the tank. The fuel expend as heated, meanwhile the pressure will increase. When the pressure reach 8 Kpa, the up valve slice will open up ( it is in close situation while high than 6 kpa). The fuel shrinks as cooled. Meanwhile the pressure will reduce, meanwhile the pressure will reduce. The lower slice will open up

9: Transmission system: power transmitted from the truck transmission, via PTO, transmission shaft, and then to oil pump, to make sure it can work in 960r/min (more details are referred to the manual).

10: static guiding equipment: It consists of ground chain and electricity protecting pole. The ground chain is in the rear of the oil tuck, while driving, it is requested to touch with the ground to avoid the static in the process of running. The electricity protection pole is in the net cover. No matter it is suction or discharging; 10CBM ISUZU 6wheels Petroleum Tankers should be inserting into the moist ground to make sure that the static lead into the underground.

11: discharging : directly discharge the fuel of the tank according to diagram 4

remark: tee tube valve head bear one red point and red line, pointing to the close end.

outlet pump: outlet the fuel of the tank in terms of the following methods.

diagram outlet valve manipulation sketch map( not via flux guage)

suck the oil: soak the out fuel into the tank according to diagram 7

oil transportation truck: Compared with refueling truck, oil truck is without oil pump and refueling machine .Thereby the double direction ball valve get to open up to discharge the fuel of the tank in terms of gravity..

12: Production Process

Tanker truck is produced with Automatic machines which are imported from USA, Germany and UK.

Numerical control plasma cutting machine cuts whole carbon steel

JAC 12000Litres Oil Tank Lorries have fully functional numerical system which imported from USA. All working progress is controlled by the computer, and also equipped with manually operated keyboard

Laser tracking automatic welding machine welds tanker truck carbon steel

It is imported from UK. Which tracks whether the welding torch adjusts automatically swing or not, and whose control unit is controlled by the PLG program.

Electric digital display lapping machine rolls carbon steel plate

It rolls steel plate in the processing of cold forming and curves the 3-8mm plate to round, ellipse and arc which is imported from Germany.

Seal head curling machine curls tanker two end-caps

It uses the way of cold treatment to curve the end-cap to be smooth and easy to butt joint which is imported from USA.

Finished shaped tanker was moving from different workrooms by plate trailer for Beiben 10wheels Fuel Tank Trucks

Shot blast room makes sure painting will not fading in 6 years after 5 producing procedure

Tanker would be transported to room for four levels painting protects to make sure perfect painting picture.

Shorten truck producing time during cold and wet temperatures.

13: operation and maintenance

14:  tentative-running of new truck

New trucks are requested to be in tentative-running to ensure its power performance, enlarge its usage. Usually, the tentative-running time is about 1000 kilometers. During the time, do not up load the loading weight and drive in low speed.

15: preparation of trucks

Inspect every link parts in stable place, especially focusing on the steering system, clutch system, suspension system, and wheel system.

Check up the brake system whether it is reliable and pipe system is leak

Whether the pressure of tyre is in accordance with the requirement.

Check the turning indicator light and rear light, clutch light is right or not.

16:  using proceeding of 10wheels Best Shacman Tanker Trucks

1, The maintenance of truck chassis and engine are requested to excite in terms of provision of the truck manual, oil pump are supposed to process in terms of pump.

2, the static protecting pole should be insert into ground for sucking and discharging. Favorable grounding is necessary. Start the engine, transmit the power from the transmission, via transmission shaft and then drive the oil pump.

17:  proceeding of maintenance

1, the grease filer should be cleaned to ensure the tank oil is clean. After the work is complete, cover the positive end.

2 pay attention to the clean the breathe valve to make sure it is in normal situation

3, the ball valve is avoid from half close situation to prevent from the tank cover leak.

4, as at work, do not use any metal part to knock the truck part. Damaged muffler is not allowed to avoid from leaking.

18:  quality guarantee

  user are requested to obey the manual from the producing one year. Driving miles is not more than 25000 kilometers. The manufacture should mend and replace the spare parts if in any misfuction situation of 20CBM Dongfeng Kingrun Fuel Trucks ( remark: without rubber parts, electricity light parts and steel sheet)

19:  product quality certigicate

product operation manual( include chassis , truck, outlet oil pump manual )

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