Heavy Duty Dongfeng Truck Tow Wreckers Owner Blackmails
2015-08-19 03:12:28

Recently, five Kenya users who usually use 10wheels Dongfeng 15Tons Towing Trucks to work for broken cars blackmailed one fuel truck driver. This is not their first blackmail to truck drivers.

Yesterday, one fuel truck driver drove truck pass through tunnel to go to Suizhou city, suddenly, one person dressed suit came out to tell him that it was not allow entering into tunnel. Since the driver passed tunnel, US$5000 should be deducted as punishment. Who is this guy? Finally, the fuel truck driver knew that he is one Best RHD 10T Crane Wrecker Trucks driver.

Is this punishment legal? Of course not! Firstly, these five guys are not police and they did not get any authorization that they can punish illegal truck drivers easily. Secondly, this truck does not belong to any Advaned 12T Dongfeng Truck Towing Platforms. Now police had warned these guys and punished them.

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