Fire Hydrant Leaked Was Caused By Peru Water Truck
2015-09-06 10:38:44

At 11:00 AM today, one citizen called to reporter to tell there have one fire hydrant was leaking from 7:00 AM till now. Then reporter headed to site to get the reason is because after one driver who droves Dongfeng 5cbm Water Tank Trucks got water from fire hydrant but Peru clients did not turn off it.


During those four hours passed, we see water was still flowing to sewage along road sides. Then reporter asked Mr Jiang, one guard in the area to check if he know what happened. “I saw the driver drove the truck to fire hydrant from 6:30AM, and after he get enough water from the hydrant, then he tried to turn it off.” “Did he try to turn it off?” the reporter keeps ask. “Yes. Actually, it is not easy to forget to turn it off because water flow is fast. I remembered before fire truck users also can remember to turn it off every time. But after the driver tried five or six times to turn it off, it failed. It seems the valve is broken. So I do not think it is 6wheels Water Carter Tank Trucks driver’s fault.


Since it is the main reason of broken valve to cause water flows, but the driver did not call police to handle it, then the driver also did wrong. Now two sanitation workers are sweep water into sewage to avoid it flow into middle of road. “We hope 10000Litres Water Sprinkler Tank Trucks can afford it” Two workers said.

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