Part One:

 Workshops Inner and Outer Appearance

 Body Manufactured Workshops  Spare Parts Storage Workshops
 Welding Workshops  Truck Parts Storage Workshops
 Assemble Body and Chassis Workshops  Outer Workshops

Part Two:

 Equipments in Workshops Introduction 

 Wind Circulating Shot Blast Room  Flat Automatic Welding Machine
 Molding Machine  Outer Automatic Painting Room
 Circulating Hot Air Oven Room  Drying Room

Part Three:

 Workers‘ Jobs in Workshops 

 Engineers are making test  Worker is plastering fire truck
 Workers are checking top and bottom of semitrailer  Workers are welding tankers
 Worker is grinding parts  Engineers are checking appearance of mixer truck


Part Four:

  Overseas and Domestic Clients Visit  Workshops

 UAE Client visit Skip Loader  Canada Client visit Cement Tank Truck
 South-Amercia Client visit Water Truck  Middle-Asia Client visit Fuel Tanker Truck
 Russia Clients Visit Mixer Truck  Goverment Officials visit workshops