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Dongfeng Kingrun 6wheels Water Jetting Trucks shall be noted as follow or if you break them, you may damage the truck seriously.

1: Do pull-up parking brake (hand brake) before you operate the truck or the truck could move while you are working.

2: we have adjusted the reducing valve before the truck produced, do not change it anyway, or you may damage the pump or the pipe.

3: Do not let the pump pressure over 17Mpa (2500psi) on jetting truck, we have adjusted the reducing valve at this level, if you over it, the safety valve will decompression automatically.

4: Do not operate the truck when the temperature below 0, because it will damage the pump and the frost cracking the pipe.

Note not break the subjects above, or you will damage the 8CBM China Dongfeng Water Jetting Trucks.

ONE: Application

Our trucks are refitted on different chassis, they are mainly use in city and big company’s sewer rescalingflushing. It could choose different parts according to different diameter of the sewer.

TWO: Truck’s Structure and work Principle

Our truck made of chassis, Jet Pump, water tank, pipe system, hydraulic system, operate panel, PTO, Electric system, and spare parts.

THREE: Chassis

Chassis load bearing all the equipments of the special parts. while it working, the PTO transfer the power of the engine to the Jet pumpgear pump, afford power to the special parts. Change the position of the electronic Control handle of the power transfer case; it could change the power to the truck or the Jet pump.

FOUR: Jet Pump

Jet pump are the power source of the high pressure water, suction inlet,overflow gate connect with water tank, outlet gate connect operate panel and nozzle through high pressure hose on 8CBM High Pressure Jetting Trucks.

FIVE: Water Tank and Pipe System

Water tank are weld by carbon steel, elliptical type, with manhole on the top of the tank, it could fill water from fire hydrant and water hose. Water tank’s outlet gets through jet pump’s suction inlet via Y type filter.

The high pressure water discharged from jet pump, then get through high pressure hoseoperate valvenozzle and discharged as jet current to dredge the sewer. While stop working, change the three-way ball valve to make the high pressure water back to the tank.

SIX: Hydraulic system

The oil pump of the hydraulic system fixed on the main axle of the jet pump. The oil change into high pressure oil while get through the gear pump. And then get through spillover valvereducing valve and oil pipe, get in the manual change valve. Move the handle of the manual change valve, it could change the direction of the high pressure, thus make the hydraulic motors rotate direction on China Kingrun 8CBM Water Jetting Trucks, to drive the Roundup hose wheel extend or withdraw the high pressure pipe.

1. Roundup Hose-Wheel 

Roundup Hose-wheel fixed at the rear location of the truck. It drive by hydraulic motor, the high pressure pipe are twined on the roundup hose-wheel. The high pressure water gets into the fixed end of the high pressure pipe. On the other end fixed the nozzle, the high pressure water change into high speed Brooklet to move the pipe clean the sewer. While the nozzle get the other well head, the pipe withdraw as the Roundup hose-wheel drive. Meanwhile the high pressure water keeps jetting and discharges the sludge.

 SEVEN: Operation

1.1 Operate panel

Operation panel locate at the rear left side. There are water pressure meter, oil pressure gauge, water gage, hand throttle, water switch, and Roundup hose-wheel switch, Power switch.

1.2 Nozzle

According to high pressure jet current theory, adjust to different clean situation; our truck has two types of Nozzle. A/ there are hole at the front nozzle are used to clean the small over current which caused by rust. B/ there are no hole at the front nozzle are used to clean the general sewer by our 6wheels Dongfeng High Pressure Cleaning Trucks.


2.1 You should prepare the following steps before operate the high pressure plunger pump.

Afilling water into the water tank

2.2 hydraulic systems

Acheck whether the hydraulic oil tank has oil 

Bwhether the inlet and outlet disconnecting valve are open.

2.3 Operation panel 

A“Hand throttle ”locate on the min situation. The engine is idling.

B“three way ball valve ”handle on “back water” location

C“Roundup hose-wheel” on middle place

2.4 Be familiar with the location of the special operate handle. The electric control handle are locate the left side

2.5 Check the tightening situation of the truck, especially the water tank, water pump, transmission shaft.

2.6 If there is any leakage of the water pipe

2.7 Fulfill water

2.7.1 Connect the water tank inlet with fire hydrant. Then open the fire hydrant valve, you can also filling the water from the manhole on the top tank.

2.7.2 When the water gage showed the water fulfilled, turn off the power, disconnect the hose from the fire hydrant with China 8CBM High Pressure Cleaning Trucks.

3. Operation method

3.1 high pressure washing part operating

3.1.1 the four steps to prepared and then drive the truck to work place.


The driver release the parking brake, pedaling the clutch while pulling the electronic control handle downward with transmission on the second gear, and the stoplight controlling in the middle. High pressure plunger pump begin to work at the moment, (note: water pump need 10 minutes to running with zero load if truck works in cold environment)


The operator turns the “coil down handle” to the “put” place. The coil down will release the pressure. Then put the shower nozzle into the pipeline meanwhile the “coil down “will be in the middle.


The operator turns the “ball valve “handle to the “open” place, and then peeling tires to lead the water pressure rising. The moment shower nozzle begins to injecting, the shower nozzle taking to the rubber tube into the pipeline. At that time, turn the “coil down handle” to the “put” place. The coil down releasing the rubber tube. The shower nozzle taking the rubber tube in the pipeline double ring ahead, the Best China Dongfeng Jetting Water Trucks washing work will start.


The speed of washing depends on the diameter of the pipeline and the internal environment of the pipeline. It can be readjusted by the way of changing the valve opening size and changing the speed of coil down running. If the unit area is to narrow, it can slow down the washing speed if the diameter of the pipeline is appropriate. It can put the coil down handle up and down or to-and-from the shower nozzle when the coil down was resistant in the pipeline.


When the shower nozzle forward to another inspection well, the “coil down” handle should be turned to the “recycle” position, concurrently the winding drum scrolling the high pressure rubber tube back with the shower nozzle still working. The sewage will be ragout and the rubber tube regular in formation on the winding drum.

When the shower nozzle back to the inspection well, turn the ball valve to the “water” position, at the meantime “peeling tires handle” at the idling condition. Thus the shower nozzle stops working at once. After the shower nozzle was rolled up, turn the “coil down “handle in the middle, the washing work will be stop at once, which is one of function of Dongfeng 6wheels Jetting Water Trucks .

If the pipeline hasn’t cleaned up, you can wash time and time again, till the pipeline is clean enough.

The driver pedaling the clutch, while pulling the electronic control handle off, so that the automobile axle and the rear bridge can be connected, and the truck can move.

Exhaust all the water from water system

In winter, in order to protect water pipe to be damage by low temperature, you should exhaust all the water from water system, do as below:

    Turn on the drop water ball valve, to exhaust all the water from water tank and water pipe. Take off the shower nozzle; exhaust all the water from plastic pipe and operation plate. Turn on the first shift, step throttle a little to make the high-pressure plunger pump revolves slowly (note: must revolve slowly), then, plastic pipe on China 6wheels High Pressure Cleaning Trucks will exhaust all water

   Up down exhaust way: Open the conacqua ball valve, then water can flow out. Keep it open until all the water flow out.

Note: Except exhaust water for low temperature, do not to let high-pressure plunger pump revolve without water.

4. Note for safety

4.1 Before you use new vehicle, you must check sump, power take-off, pump crankcase, oil-depth gauge, can’t use it when without oil.

4.2 Before you use this vehicle, you must read the instructions exactly.

4.3 Don’t use this equipment when the temperature is under 0°C.

4.4 Must keep high-pressure plunger pump revolving under the speed of 405rpm.

4.5Prevent the high pressure water to hurt other people.

4.6 The rubber tube should not be bending in case the rubber tube was scraped. Replace the rubber tube if the found the rubber tube was crushed.

4.7 The pressure of oil system and water system on Best Dongfeng Kingrun Jetting Water Trucks should be control depend on the data of specification seriously.

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