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Dongfeng EQ Fire Fighter Vehicles are usually kept in fire bureau, and is driven to the accident location by the fire fighter. In fact, the truck is the common name for the truck that is equipped with various fire fighting devices and tools. Most trucks are painted in red, but still some rare places that are painted in yellow. It is the main equipment in fire fighting area and is the basic mobile fire fighting equipments. The siren is usually taken as the standard device for the truck. The special part of the truck include Liquid tanker, pump compartment, equipment compartment, pipe system, electrical system and so on. New kind vehicle is the latest product of our factory; it is latest researched and developed with new technology, new production processing and new material and it has the Independent Intellectual Property Rights. Best Dongfeng 5000Litres Fire Pumpers are double integral structure, broad view, 5-6 passengers, which can be put the fire during driving, long range, fire fighting force. Its optional are normal fire pressure pump, middle-low pressure fire pump, high-low pressure fire pump.SINOTRUK chassis is used to realize normal, mediate or mediate-low pressure extinguishing. Mainly used in the fire of general substance .Extended double-row seats can carry six people including the driver. For more details and information, please read the following items.The compartment using high-quality steel, high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, inner and outside using corrugated aluminum, multi-channel inside of tanker body.


Refitting part on Dongfeng DFAC Euro4 Fire Vehicles

1. Box

Martial: the frame and skin's martial is Q235A steel. The inside separator plate and bottom plate's martial is high-strength aluminum alloy plate and new-type fire insulation board.

Frame: the truck uses single-piece frame welding construction which ensures its strength. The frame in the tool box which is used of aluminum concealed lapping technology to improve the space availability and changeability.

Door: two aluminum doors are on each side of pump room while other three aluminum doors are on the left, the right and the back of toolbox.

2. Tank

Capacity: water: 12000KG, foam 3000KG

Martial: tank and pipes-joint-tank which are used of excellent stainless steel whose thickness is 4mm.

Construction: welding type. There are vertical swash plate and lateral swash plate in the tank.

Equipment: two manholes (470mm) with fast-lock and switch equipment.

Three: fire pump on Hot Dongfeng 6wheels Pumper Fire Trucks

Type: CB20 10./30 60


Flow rate:1.0 Mpa/60L2.0Mpa/30L

Model: PL48-64D


Flow rate: 30-50L/S

Reach: water≥65mfoam≥60m

Angle of revolution360°

angle of elevation≥75°

Angle of depression-15°


Cab part

1. Flat-head with metal martial this can be dumped uptowards

2. Construction: Whole-steel frame, double row, and four doors

3. Seat: it has three seats in cab which allows two or three persons in it

4. Equipment: Besides the original equipments of chassis, there have four air respiration apparatus jigs. There is PTO switch in cab. Other equipments including 100W alarm, warning light, marker light, and outline marker lamp switch. The optional on New Type 4CBM Fire Engines is including back-truck system screen.

Electrical equipment

Power of alarm: 100W

Circuit: alarm lamp and explosion-flash's circuit are separated additional circuit. The control parts are in the cab. There are two blue explosion-flash on the front of truck's head and two red explosion-flash on the rear of truck's head. There are safety marker lamp and combined side reflex reflector at the bottom of truck. There are each two 24V, 100W multidimensional expansion and contraction illuminating lamps on the front and rear truck's head. The optional back radar system is accord with the ruleGB4785.

Overall truck

Appearance: painting shoving vanish from Shanghai Fubang Co., white outer ring of wheel rim and front bumper.

Martial of footplate: frame is used of Q235A steel and skin is used of aluminums checkered plate whose thickness is 2mm.

Construction: applying for two-way-lock on 5CBM Pump Fire Fighting Trucks what are gas spring and lock system.

Demand: when the operator steps down towards the footplate, please makes sure the ground clearance is no more than 450mm and dead weight21,when the operator steps off the footplate, the situation of footplate is accord with the ruleGB11567.

Operation instrumentthis operation instrument is on the rear upper water-pump in the pump room. There are one tachometer, one vacuum gauge, one water pump normal pressure gauge and one water pump normal middle gauge, one lamp-switch of toolbox and one water tank liquid level equipment.


Fire equipments on Truck

water suction pipe, water filters, water separator, fire fighting hose, hose hook, hose wrapper, reducing nozzle, the standard couplings, straight stream water gun, fire hydrant transition joints, flowering water gun, straight stream shut-off gun, sheep pickaxe, ground wrench, water pipe wrench, hose protector. Mixer pipette, fire man's axe, fire broad axe, shovels, and crowbar.


Technology demand on Dongfeng Brand Fire Fighting Pumpers

1. All of operation switch, instrument, equipment and truck have brand which is accord with regular.

2. The whole truck situation applies for the regular GB7956.

3.The quality of water tank applies for the regular GA39.492.

4.The appearance of whole truck applies for the regular GA39.492.

5. All of reverting have equal distance.

6. All welding parts are tight.

Files with truck

1. Chassis operation manual (one)

2. Chassis maintenance manual (one)

3. Chassis quality grantee (one)

4. Chassis certification (one)

5. Tool list with truck (one)

6. Number of engine files (one)

7. Number of chassis file (one)

8. Fire-pump maintenance manual (one)

9. Truck operation manual (one)

10. Fire equipments list (one)

11. Truck certification (one)

12. Truck service card (one)

13. Sending Dongfeng 6wheels 5000Litres Rescue Vehicles file(two)

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