Dongfeng Combination Sewer Cleaning Trucks Operator Gets High Salary
2015-08-20 00:31:50

In last month, reporter in Ecuador investigated 8000L Combined Suction And Jetting Trucks operators’ average salary and knew their payments are good. Usually, each of them can get near US$4000 per month. In China, for this salary, it is high in sanitation workers. Why these operators can get such high salary?

“Because of our work is very heavy.” Mr Zhao, one operator told reporter, “We do not have any personal time. For any call to us, we shall get over there and start work soonest. Even though it is 12:00 clock PM in winter.” “Also we do not have weekend.” Mr Xiao, another worker from one China Sinotruk HOWO Combined Vehicles said, “Moreover, sometimes when the blocked place do not have elevator, we have to carry more then 40kg machines and clime 7 ladders to reach client’s home. So it is really one hard job.”

“Even though your salary is good, but it is really very hard. Will you still want to do this job?” the reporter asked. Mr Cai smile, “Sure, we do. As you know, this job is hard and smelly; no any young man wants to do this job. And for us, we do not have high university diploma, so we just can do such heavy job. But we are proud of it! For this high salary, we can afford one whole family’s cost. In future, I want to buy one unit Isuzu Sewer Cleaning Combine Trucks for myself, and then, I can be one boss.”

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