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JAC 10T Garbage Container Loaders structural characteristics

The truck consists of kip bucket, pump, one-way hydraulic valve, multi directional control valve, spill valve, balance valve, pipeline, power takeoff, etc. 8T garbage truck pulling device consists of pulling boom arm and pull arm cylinder, the United Moving frame, trunk insurance hook and cylinder, and the frame. The pull telescopic arm is not used right-angle bend structure. the end of the cylinder and pull the piston rod side arm hinged on the hinge pivot B; Another linkage frame front end and hinged at the hinge pivot C, the formation of a rotary arm pull heart. The truck is made up of hydraulic system, operating system, double-acting lift cylinder and so on. The garbage container may be hoisted and lowered, under auto-dumping of garbage. The largest advantage of the truck is that multiple garbage containers may be equipped on the chassis for cross operation and circulating transportation so that the transportation capacity and working efficiency have been improved significantly. The characterized of this New ISUZU 8T Hook Loaders: cargo compartment and vehicle body can be separated. One vehicle can work with more one garbage cargo body, recycling transport, improve the transport capacity, specially for short-distance transport, such as the sanitation department. Cylinder head cylinder arm pull side hinged front frame on the hinge pivot A; linkage frame hinged rear axle frame rear hinge pivot D, the formation of linkage rotary frame heart. Insurance linkage trunk rack hook set the hook cylinder and insurance cylinder.

Main features on truck

1: The hookloader frame is made from high intensity steel plates, resulting to the reduction 

of sole weight and increasing of loading capacity. Standard in-cab manual controls which allow for precise metering of the manual hydraulic valve. Hydraulic system is used of two types separate forms of hydraulic control, electric control and manual control, operation is more simple and convenient .Container removable garbage trucks can be matched with sealed container or mobile compression container, independently hook container, drop the container, dump garbage etc. for waste transfer by the Sinotruk HOWO Arm Roll Trucks.

2: The unreinforced structure is adopted on the container to ensure its beautiful external 

appearance, compact configuration and lighter weight. Patented dump/load interface

3: The door opening system of the container is an automatic mechanism and accordingly 

easy to operate. Hydraulic locks to prevent cylinder movement in case of pressure loss

4: The pumps, control valves and key hydraulic components are imported from famous 

foreign manufacturers.Mechanical rear body tie-down latches. Resettable dump/tilt tabs.

5: The vehicle can be operated through the electric controlling system in the cab, resulting 

to the easy manipulation and labor saving.Hydraulic rotary valve to prevent front tilt movement when the dump frame is raised

6: The heavy duty truck is equipped with stabilization devices, which will surely increase 

its working stabilization. Full length dump frame with front saddles to support the body during the dump mode. DX pre-lubricated bushings used at pivot points. Two-part polyurethane enamel

7: Grease zerks at all pin points to allow purging of contaminates. The dustbin is used of 5mm Q235A steel, more types and more specification to meet various customer need for China FAW 6T Roll Off Trucks in different regions

9:Greaseable load rollers. Compressed density 200-400kg/m3 can be compressed to a garbage density 400-600kg/m3, improve transport efficiency. 

10: Stainless steel pins used throughout.Designed sewage collecting box in the bottom of fill device, the sewage directly flow into the box, avoid to re-pollution.


working principle of the device arm pull Pulling garbage truck arm by pulling the device to complete the function of two different dynamic, for boxes and dumping. The large hydraulic cylinder drive the double arms, to install hydraulic legs to make sure the stability and safety of vehicle during operation. When the pull device for boom box action, the first cylinder insurance hook action open the trunk insurance hook, trunk lift insurance. The type of garbage box: sealed, semi-enclosed. The shape of garbage box: rectangular shape, trapezoidal. Pull lift arm cylinder piston rod elongation from the pull arm, pull arm to pivot around the hinge C clockwise rotation, the hook arm to pull back move. If the frame is equipped with a trunk, the trunk was pushed home ground. When put on the frame, so that the first hook retractor trunk rings, and contraction of the piston rod, pull arm to hinge pivot counter-clockwise rotation axis C, will put on the Dongfeng Cummins 6CBM Hook Lifts Dump Trucks, the insurance cylinder hook action, pull carriages.


In terms of different requirements, different capacity of container may be configured. The truck is widely used in refuse storage area. Container detachable garbage truck is a transport vehicle with integrated functions, such as loading, unloading, transportation etc, loading capacity 3~12tons and container volume 2~28m3 insurance hook fixed to the frame to the trunk.  When the pull-arm device dumping action, and action for different box, trunk insurance hook dump in the whole process to ensure that tension in the arm and trunk are not isolated, that is pull arm, the linkage through the trunk rack and trunk link between the insurance as one of the hook, by the deputy rear frame hinge pivot clockwise rotation axis D, lifting carriages lifted until the refuse rubbish. Trunk reset, as long as the retraction of cylinder piston rod pull arm, the pulling arm body still hinge pivot point D is the shaft counterclockwise rotation, until the trunk reset. This mentioned vehicle can be equipped with different containers for the loading, storage and transfer of different garbage, resulting to the reduction of investment amount and the maximization of utilization ratio. The HINO 6wheels Container Lifting Vehicles also have manual controlling system and electric controlling system simultaneously, and has been extensively used in the field of environmental protection, military troop, construction, industry etc.

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