Crazy Truck Named China Best 5CBM Compactor Garbage Trucks
2015-05-20 09:02:45

Mr Qiao, one farmer in Suixian guides reporter to one road which nears two farm and said, “Do not blame us to park one ISUZU 5CBM Garbage Compactor Trucks in middle of road. Because we really have no idea that how to solve our troubles!” Reporter viewed there parked one truck in road. Why it is stay here and blocked road?

Finally, the story would be return back to early of this year. Near farm there have one road which is head to Suizhou city, so many drivers always drive cars or trucks through this road. It is supposed to ok to pass it and around farmers also agree. But recently, farmers get angry to those drivers and they drive one unit 6wheels 5CBM Garbage Trucks to block road. Why are they so angry?

“Reporter, please see our farmers near the road! They are filling with all various garbage! Food waste, plastic, drinking glass, ect. These drivers always throw garbage from their cars when they pass this road! So you can see our farms are fulfilled garbage!” Mrs Liu, another farmer complained. “So you will park this truck in road forever?” Reporter asked. “No.” Little Xu, on young farmer said, “We asked drivers to pay little as garbage collection cost. When they delivery payment, then truck will be driven away for a while. After garbage clean well, that 5CBM 6wheels Compressed Garbage Trucks in future.”

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