• China FOTON AUMAN 10Wheels Water Trucks Popular in Africa

    " China FOTON 10Wheels Water Truck Suppliers provide best water trucks to Algeria. We use FOTON chassis whose model is BJ1252 with ETX cabin. The chassis equipped Cummins engine with 245HP; Gear brand is FAST 9JS; tire specification is 11.00-20. Water pump equipped best China Weilong pump"                                                                                                                 ASL Automobille

  • China Dongfeng 6Wheels 10CBM Oil Trucks Export to Africa

    "M.T. company ordered one unit China 10000Litres 6Wheels Oil Trucks which adopted Dongfeng chassis. Its color and LOGO confirmed by clients. Considering client's country's driving way, so chassis with RHD driving type we chose."                                                                                                             ASL Automobile

  • 3units of Best Dongfeng Road Washers tested excellent in front of Malaysia clients

    "Teraju construction SDN BND company purchased 3units of Best China Dongfeng Road Washers will be used in Malaysia. We adopted China Dongfeng chassis with RHD type. Road washer can be used to flush road through high pressure water to clean roads, streets and factories."                                                                                                              ASL Automobile

  • Best HOWO 10Wheeels Dump Trucks ship to Russia Through Xunke Port

    "Russia clients orders 20units Best HOWO 10Wheels Dump Trucks. Trucks on board from Xunke port. HOWO tippers got Russia customers admiration."                                                                                                           ASL Automobile                

  • 30units 3axles fuel tanker trailers purchased by Africa clients again

    "Because of high quality of our best China 3axles fuel tanker trailers, many Africa clients keep to place orders continously. Below are 30units trailers exported to Africa again."                                                                                                           ASL Autombile

  • Best China 8000Litres Oil Trucks used for United Nations

    "We are honored to provide Best China 8000Litres Oil Trucks for United Nations! As UN required, its oil tank capacity is 8cbm and installed oil gun and pipes on truck. Because of Dongfeng chassis is good at army field, so Dongfeng 6wheeler chassis we adopted for UN."                                                                                                 ASL Autombile

  • Two units China Sinotruk HOWO 10wheels Tow Trucks exported to Zambia

    "Zambia client, Elubia Transport Company, who ordered two units Best HOWO 10wheels Tow Trucks from us. It mainly used for rescue damaged cars, minibus and middle-duty truck. This kind of truck is very matured cause 70Tons wreckers we also produced & exported to U.A.E."                                                                                                                  ASL Automobile Tow truck produced well and waxed already Tow truck produced in our workshop Tow truck shipped to Zambia by RORO at night

  • 50units oil tank trailer produced well for West Africa client

    "Oil tanker is our very mature product. After these West Africa clients visited tanker workshop, they placed big order of Best 3axles oil tanker trailers. Logo and color designed by clients and made by us which are very remarkable."                                                                                                                     ASL Automobile

  • Dongfeng 6wheels skip loader exported to South-east Asia

    "4units China Dongfeng 6wheels skip loader purchased by South-east Asia client who required to adopt Dongfeng chassis. The Dongfeng logo on cabin also changed to English version and skip body painted to traditional Dongfeng blue color. Because of trucks will be shipped on board, all trucks waxed in our factory before ship."                                                                                                                     ASL Autombile

  • Best Shacman 12wheels oil tanker exported to Nigeria

    "Nigeria client, Tojiron Jovid Jayhoon company purchased Advanced Shacman 12wheels oil tanker from our us. Truck's chassis adopted Shacman F2000 and tanker welded automatically. Following are oil tankers arranged to leave our company."                                                                                                                    ASL Autombile

  • China FAW Fire fighting water truck export to Uganda

    "Uganda client required China fire fighting water truck which shown as below. Different with usual water truck, fire fighting water truck not only equipped with water pump, but also with fire pump. These trucks adopted China FAW chassis and modified drive way to RHD to suit Uganda's road situation."                                                                                                                     ASL Automobile

  • China Dongfeng 10wheels dump truck used in West Africa client's site

    "Dump truck is one of our best seller. Some Africa clients prefer Beiben, some like HOWO, while some clients choose Dongfeng. Below are our China Dongfeng 10wheels dump truck photos exporting and feedback from clients."                                                                                                                     ASL Automobile Dump truck arranged to transport from our factory Following are our dump truck used in Client's site through years