• Best FOTON Vacuum Trucks Export to Botswana

    "Best FOTON Vacuum Trucks Suppliers are ASL, which produce excellent quality sewer trucks to Botswana clients. Based Botswana road rules, right hand drive chassis we chosen for client. Because of FOTON has after service, FOTON RHD chassis was adopted to assemble the sewer trucks."                                                                                  ASL Automobile

  • Four Units Fire Trucks Are Ready To Ship

    "Four Units Best China ISUZU Fire Trucks produced already and ready for shipment. The fire trucks adopted ISUZU 600P chassis, with 4KH1-TCG40 engine. The engine is Euro4 emission standard. Recently, there have Isuzu chassis with Euro5 emission standard."                                                                                                 ASL Automobile

  • FOTON 4Wheelers Concrete Mixer Trucks Export to Zimbabwe

    "Because of loading limited in our client's site, light FOTON 4Wheelers Concrete Mixer Trucks are very papulor nowadays. The mixer truck painted grey and yellow color. FOTON RHD 6cbm mixer truck welcomed by Africa clients."                                                                        ASL Automobile

  • 8000Litres FAW 6Wheelers Water Trucks exported to Malawi

     "Best 8000Litres FAW 6Wheelers Water Trucks  purchased by Malawi clients.Based end-user's requirement, FAW 6wheelers chassis adopted. Its capacity is 8000Litres and water pump adopted China best Weilong brand pump. Another 2units water tankers still in production"                                                                               ASL Automobile

  • 3units China HOWO 10Wheelers Fire Trucks export to Tunisia

    "3units China HOWO 10Wheelers Fire Trucks purchased by Tunisia government. Sinotruk HOWO chassis with 260HP engine adopted to suit 15cbm water tank. Considering its using envoriment, stainless steel water tank installed on chassis."                                                                       ASL Automobile

  • Best China 8000Litres Water Trucks export to Malawi

    "Malawi purchased two units China 6Wheelers 8000Litres Water Trucks from us. Trucks installed fire pump and fire monitor, which can be used not only as sprinkling truck, but also fire truck. Before ship to Mombasa port, Malawi water trucks waxed to avoid of rust during sea freight."                                                                                                          ASL Automobile

  • Shacman 10Wheels 20000Litres Water Trucks export to Russia

    "YEMA GROUP purchased China Shacman 20CBM Water Trucks which adopted Shacman 6x4 chassis. Water tank adopted mechanical shaped and cutting. Consider Client's country's cold tempreture, water trucks treated warm-keeping treatment on water tank's apperance."                                                                                         ASL Automobile

  • Mozambique 16m Aerial Work Platforms produced well and await to shippment

    "China 16m Aerial Work Platforms, which is the second unit we purchased from ASL already. It not only have competitive price, but also high quality we used and found. As FOTON is very pupolar in our country, so FOTON bucket truck we imported to service in Mozambique."                                                                                                  ASL Automobile

  • Tanzania 10CBM Water Trucks 3units are ready for shipping

    "Best China 10CBM Water Trucks export to Tanzania by ship. Clients purchased 3units with RHD Dongfeng chassis. Its capacity is 10CBM and water pump adopted China best Weilong brand pump. Another 5units water tankers still in production"                                                                                                                 ASL Automobile

  • FOTON RHD 14m Aerial Platform Trucks export to Thailand

    "FOTON RHD 14m Aerial Platform Trucks export to Thailand. Chassis adopted FOTON right band driving type which is suitable for Thailand driving way. Bucket system adopted matured controlling equipments and working height is 14m. "                                                                                                                     ASL Automobile

  • Sinotruk 6Wheels RHD Vacuum Trucks export to Kenya

    "Sinotruk 10CBM 6Wheels Vacuum Trucks export to Kenya. Considering client's driving rules, so Sinotruk RHD chassis picked. Vacuum truck installed high and low liquid level alarm and safety valves to keep safety. Whole truck waxed for shipment."

  • China Offroad 15CBM Water Trucks Purchased by Army

    "China Offroad 15CBM Water Trucks will be used in Army for transporting and spraying water. Spare tire installed between cabin and water tank with spare tire rackle. The chassis adopted offroad 6x6 to suit hard working situation."                                                                                                     ASL Automobile