Cargo Truck Hit Bucket Truck to Cause Three Persons Injured
2017-08-17 13:21:49
In last night, one unit cargo truck was driving to Baiyunhu lake with fast speed. Suddenly, one unit Cheap China Bucket Truck Suppliers which was used in repairing street lights blocked street. 

The cargo truck driver could not brake urgently and hit it strongly. This accident caused three persons in cargo truck injured. Worst, there had a kid was trapped in cargo truck. The cargo truck driver called 119 for asking police help. After 30mins, the kid got out of Best ISUZU Bucket Lift Trucks. In this accident, should the cargo truck driver take full responsibility?

Reporter invested one witness, Mr Xiao. He told: “ In last night, when I was walking on street, I found one aerial truck is repairing street lights, after more than 10mins, one cargo truck suddenly crashed on it. But I think the cargo truck driver should duty for truck lorry.” Reporter fells little strange: “ Just because of the cargo truck hit?” “NO.” Mr Xiao continues, “Actually, before truck repaired street lights, they set up construction license and yellow plates on road. Some drivers viewed them and changed way. But this cargo truck driver still insisting on driving on this road. So that made troubles happens.” After investment, reporter found there have no any duty should be taken by China Bucket Trucks For Sale.

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