Best Isuzu 6Wheels Tow Trucks Tow Away Bus
2016-01-14 09:03:14

In this morning, on jinan road, one unit bus exploded. Lucky, when it exploded, the bus was parked at starting station so no one stay there. When someone called police, the police informed Best China Tow Truck Companies to send one truck to Congo client to await to tow bus there.

“When did you see the bus exploded?” the policed asked one eyewitness. The young man thought for a while and answer, “it is around 6:00 AM. Cause my home is very far away from my working place. So I have to get up early to catch bus every day. I remembered today the time when I left home was 5:30 AM. I took 10 minutes to had my breakfast and walk for a while to reach the starting station. So the exploded time would not over than 6: 00AM.” When the police was knowing this accident, two young ladies felt anxious: “sir, do you think it is an accident or not? Do not it an revenge to society? Will it have next time in future?” The police comforted them, “Do not worry, ladies. We have called the Cheap 5Tons Wrecker Truck Suppliers towed away broken bus. And after we know all these matters, we will make one reporters conference to let you know what happened.”

No matter it was an accident or an revenge to society. We have right to know the truth. Hope the answer could be heard soonest. Most of passengers thought like this. By their side, two units Japan Isuzu 3Tons Tow Trucks were driven away.

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