Best China 8Tons Skip Loaders Works before Daybreak
2016-08-01 09:09:12

One lady, Mrs Mei complaint in last week that there has one unit China Garbage Container Loader Suppliers provide truck works at 4:00 AM every day. The truck always makes big noise and wakeup her whole family. It effects she and her husband to work in company and her kids to learn in school because of bad sleeping.

Yesterday, one reporter visited Mrs Mei’s area at 5:00 AM and truly, he saw there has parked one unit trash truck already. The reporter talked to two truck operators at 7:00 AM about when is their working time. Two of them insisted that they use the Cheap China Skip Loader Trucks For Sale after 6:00 AM. But after reporter asked ten citizens about the situation, all of them said the truck work time is 4:00 AM. All of them can not feel sleep once the truck starts to work.

After knew the real situation, reporter found the sanitation government leader to discuss how to solve the trouble. The leader called the manager of Myanmar 8Tons ISUZU Skip Loaders after he heard the situation. After half of one hour meeting, the manager agreed that adjusting working time is 6:00 AM.

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