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China FAW 8cbm Concrete Mixer Trucks main function and parts

1: transmitting system of dram: It is composed by filter, inset oil pipe, oil pump,radiator and fuel tank, motor oil discharge pipe, pump oil discharge pipe, reducer, motor, high pressure oil pipe, and high pressure oil pipe.

2: transmitting system: Transmitting system consists of hydraulically system and radiator. Hydraulically system mainly includes 3,8,4,1. While the engine drive the oil pump rotating  through shaft, thus drive the motor rotate. Motor drive the dram working through radiator. The oil pump flow capacity and direction can be adjust . Operating the handle of the oil pump can change the motor rotating speed and direction. Operation handle can control the flow speed of the oil pump .while in the middle place , the dram stop work.  while the control handle to left or right direction (refer to below picture) , oil pump will discharge oil through A or B, flow to motor through high pressure pipe, and then drive the motor rotating in reasonable direction. The bigger of the control angle, the higher of the oil pump discharge, thus the rotating speed of the motor.   

3: It is composed by hydraulically pump, control handle, oil pump outlet pipe, radiator, high pressure pipe, high pressure pipe, hydraulically motor oil pipe, and hydraulically motor.

4: Water supply system: water system mainly includes water tank, air system .water pump,( optional),filler and hydraulic monitor ,ball valve and so on. Air system consists of pressure-reducing valve, safety valve, manual direction-exchange valve on Advanced 8cbm FAW Concrete Mixers, connected by pipe system. It is also connected with air tank of the chassis and water tank. Air system can extend air pressure in the tank, so as to supply and discharge the water in the tank according to flange connector of the filler. The main function of the water-supplying system is to supply water for the concrete in the dram (if necessary) and clean the dram, discharging chute, supplying chute.

The water is not suggested for cleaning trucks for the limited water tank.

5: It adopts combined design of main and auxiliary cases. Pneumatic control is adopted in auxiliary case, unique structure and advanced design. Twin-countershaft power transfer in the two cases, main shaft and gears on it are floating, there are no traditional needle bearings, large load capacity. Double H operating mechanism is adopted; you can choose single or double-lever control, left control, right control or two-way control.

6: Front full-power PTOs and side PTOs, bottom PTOs and rear PTOs can be equipped. We can install clutch housings or release devices according to customers’ demands. Short axial dimension, light weight, reliable quality, convenient to maintenance.


FAW Heavy Rear Discharge Concrete Mixers mixing system operation

1While in working, rotating direction and speed of the dram can be operated by controlling of the pump control manual and governor ponders bypass handle. It is on the both rear sides of the trucks. You can control it to make the dram mix, discharge, stop, and mix during transporting. You can control it in convenient direction.

2Mix to make sure the material supply to the dram in reasonable speed, usually the dram speed is in 4-10r/min. When the engine is in idling speed, you can put the pump control handle from the middle (stop place) to the right side (mixing place), the rotating speed will become fast accordingly. Meanwhile, you can also put down the control handle as to increase engine speed.

3: Both can adjust to get reasonable dram rotating speed and material supplying speed.

4: dram rotating control handle: Put the control handle from right side to middle place ( remaining necessary several minutes ),and then put the left side (discharging place), the dram will change rotating direction and discharge the concrete . The bigger of handle angle is, the faster of the dram rotating speed. You can put down the control handle if necessary to increase the rotating speed (usually discharging speed is 1-10 r/min)

5: control handle is in the middle place. At this time, oil pump do not exhaust oil, motor stop, and dram stop.

6: The dram should in low speed 0.6-3 r/min if loading concrete, no matter the truck is stopping or transporting. This can protect the concrete from disintegration. While transporting, It is supposed to put the control handle from middle place (stop) to right place (adjust the dram to 1-3 r/min). And lock the control handle. At this time, the oil pump exhaust few, motor and dram are in low speed as to mix the concrete in the dram.


China FAW 8cbm Concrete Mixers mixing system control notice

1: Before engine starting, it is supposed to check the capacity of the hydraulic oil (reference to picture 5)

2: Before the engine starting, the control handle are supposed to in middle (stop place) . It is not allowed to operate the control handle immediately after the engine starts. 10 minutes is necessary after the engine started.

3: No matter You put the control handle from right side ( mixing place ) to left side ( discharge place), and vice versa, the control handle are supposed to be in the middle place( stop) for several minutes.

4: Before supply concrete for the dram, it is supposed to check whether there is water in the dram. if there is , the water should be discharge. And the engine rotating speed should be in 800-1250r/min.


Water-supplying system control manual and notice

1: Supplying water for the water tank: Supply water according to air pressure: supplying the water from the left filler or right filler until full (take notice of the water level while supplying water). The air control valve handle (blue) should be put to right side (supply water, exhaust air).

2: Non air pressure supplying water: Put the air control valve handle to right side (supply water, exhaust air), exhaust the pressure in the tank. Then open the tank top, fill the water with the tank.

3: cleaning control manual: Firstly, put the blue handle to left side (increase air pressure, supply water), when the pressuregauge shows 0.2MPa, you can clean.

4: Cleaning dram blade and chute: Open the ball valve in the rear truck, keep the dram rotating in low speed. Using the hydraulic monitor clear the whole body of the truck

5: Clean the dram: to protect the concrete remaining in the dram, after working, it is supposed to clean the inside of the dram. Also it suggests that outside water make use of cleaning the dram inside and blade on 8cbm 6wheels FAW Mixed Concrete Trucks.

6: Notice: Before using, It is necessary to take notice of every valve is in turn on / off situation. In winter, after using the water supplying system, it necessary to open the inlet valve , discharge water in the tank and in the pipe to protect frozen.


truck maintained

1: Notice: While people work in the dram in necessary situation, the truck should be stop and key are supposed to take away from the truck. Alarming notice is also should be in previous place to inform that people is working in the dram.

2: Operator is requested to maintain the trucks usually to increase working efficiency and using age.

3: Checking before using truck every day.

4: If is abnormal situation, it is supposed to find out the problem and solve it.

5: check the lubrication oil let out or not on radiator.

6: Check the hydraulic oil let out or not on hydraulic system.

7: Check the hydraulic oil let out or not in oil tank.

8: Check whether abnormal noise on hydraulic oil pumps.

9: Check whether abnormal noise on hydraulic motor.

10: in the process of checking, prohibited to contact any rotating parts of the machine , especially notice protect clothes from rotating into the dramon Best FAW 10wheels 8cbm Truck Mixers.

11: When not transport the concrete, the control handle are supposed to be in middle place (stop)

12: When transport the concrete, the control handle is supposed to be in right side( mixing ) , adjust the dram rotation speed in 1-3 r/min

13: Checking the chute latch lock, chute lock handle fasten or not

14: Check bolt in every connect part loosen or not

15: The bolt in every parts are requested fastened in regular time, no more than 3 months.( refer to follow diagram)


emergency solution

1: While the dram cannot rotate in loading situation, it is supposed to outlet the concrete in the dram shortly.

2: Take the original high pressure pipe from the motor, replace the other one. Make sure that

3: The truck is supposed to stop in the following situation.

4: Taking the concrete away from the material supplying inlet. Dram inlet.

5: Hydraulic and machinery part in maintaining or oil changing.

6: Hydraulic oil in the tank is supposed to keep within the oil level.

7: Working temperature is not allowed extend 80 degrees.

8: Do not stand too close to engine, dram and driving system.

9: Do not using unclean water with sand to protect valve on 10wheels FAW LHD Ready Mix Trucks.

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