8000L Combined Suction And Jetting Trucks Can Suck Stone
2015-04-16 08:57:33

In next year, we will cooperate with USA Sanitation Truck Company to design and manufacture new type Combined Sewer Flushing And Suction Vehicles. We are sure that it will help sanitation works a lot.


For this new type, it also composed by vacuum tanker and jetting tanker, also equipped with vacuum pump and high pressure jetting truck. For if having this one unit truck, which means the buyer is holding one unit vacuum truck and one unit high pressure jetting truck. For this kind of truck, it not only can jet and suck sewage, but also can suck stone, mud, steel crapes, ect. We adopted big power water cycle pump with a big noise which make the effect come true. The 5CBM Combined Vacuum And Jetting Trucks will save users more cost and time to finish sanitation work.


In future, we will start this kind of China Sewer Cleaning Combine Trucks soonest. It is about 30 units per one month. If  the purchasing orders are more, we will add more producing orders.

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