Best China Hook Loader Equipped With GPS
2017-06-13 08:56:19
When readers view titles, they maybe ask why Best China Hook Lift Trucks shall equip GPS? Many people feel puzzled. For this question, we get answers from sanitation department officials.

“In recently month, we got news that our many trucks showed up at private places instead of garbage site. After we asked those trucks drivers, then we knew finally, they usually drove trucks to some places to finish their personal stuff. We tried to warning them do not to do like that. But after several time, we found it is useless. Many Cheap China Hook Loader For Sale drivers still do that way. So we have to equip GPS on trucks.” Mr Jiang, the officials explained.

“Is it work?” the reporter asked. “Sure”, Mr Jiang smiled, “After GPS equipped, above situation reduced a lot. Moreover, we required drivers to write details information for each time’ garbage transportation. Such as departure time, driver’s name, telephone, supervisor’s name and telephone, ect. We required they make report for every week. Now ISUZU Roll Off Truck Suppliers do like that and gain good effect.”

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